ALL SOULS’ CHURCH OKE-FIA, OSOGBO All Souls’ (Anglican) Church came into existence on 6th December 1981. The history of the Church actually began in 1973 when the parcel of land on which it is built was acquired, surveyed and conveyed for the building of a church by Oba Adenle II, the late Ataoja of Osogbo and the Board of Governors of Osogbo Grammar School. Initially, nothing was done about building the church and everything about the land seemed to have been forgotten until the year 1977 when Ven. J.M. Ogundele was transferred to All Saints’ Church (now Cathedral) as Vicar and Archdeacon of Osogbo Archdeaconry. On his arrival, he was informed about the land. Later, he himself found the survey plan and the conveyance paper. The PCC (now Standing Committee) of All Saints’ Cathedral decided to build a new church for worship on the land. Thus the church was founded by the Missionary effort of All Saints’ Church now Cathedral, Ita Balogun, Osogbo. Foundation Laying The foundation of the church was laid on 21st April 1979. The building made rapid progress and was completed in two years and eight months. With the permission of His Grace, the Most Rev. T.O. Olufosoye IP; OON; D.D; the then Archbishop of the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) and the Lord Bishop of Ibadan Diocese, the first service was held in the church on 6th December 1981 at 4:00pm. All the basic .needs, such as reading desks, Lectern, and Pulpit etc. were supplied by All Saints’ Church before the first service was held.


Two Hundred and Ninety-Four (294) members made up as follows, worshipped in the church during the first service, Men Women Boys Girls Total 50 112 67 65 294 The total collection that day was one hundred and eighty-five naira, seventy-two kobo N 185,72. From that day regular services .have been holding in the church until today.


By the inspiration given to Ven. J.M. Ogundele, he named the church All Souls’ Church, Oke-fia, Osogbo. It is located beside Osogbo, Grammar School, Osogbo. Dedication The church building was formally dedicated on Saturday 22nd January, 1983 by the Archbishop of Nigeria and the Lord Bishop of Ibadan Diocese, His Grace, the Most Rev. T.O. Olufosoye JP- OON; S.TH; DD. The church is now a Parish Church, the seat of Osogbo D.C.C. and the seat of Osogbo Archdeaconry. The Church Council:- In keeping with the constitution of the Anglican Communion which provides for Parish Council to govern each Parish Church, early in 1982, twenty members of the church were elected. These members with the Vicar Ven. J.M. Ogundele and two wardens from All Saints’ Church formed the maiden governing council of the church. Since the church had not attained Parish Status, the governing body could not be called Parish Council. It was therefore called the Church Committee with the following members: 1 Late. Ven. J.M. Ogundele – Vicar and Chairman 2. Mr. (now Chief) S.O. Oguntunde – Church Leader/Agent 3. Mr. SO Obatebo -Warden (from All Saints’ Church) 4. Mr. L.A. Oyeyemi – Warden (from All Saints’ Church) 5. Late. Mr. O.O. Famojuro 6. Chief T.O. Oyebade 7. Mr. Z.O. Oni ■ ■ 8. Mrs. S.O. Fatoba 9. Mrs. Dorcas Adedigba 10. Mrs. Titi Kolade 11. Mrs. (now Chief) M.O. Olatunbosun 12. Mr. (now Chief) J.A. Okunola 13. Mr. (now Ven.) S.A. Adeyemo 14. Dr. (Chief) T.O. Fadahunsi 15. Late Mr. I.O. Ajani 16. Late. Chief A.A. Ibikunle 17. Mr. N.I. Ayeni 18. Late. Mr. (Later Rev. Canon) F.O. Adeniyi 19. Mrs.J.T.Aina 20. Mr. GO. Oguntunmbi 21. Mr.T.K.Ayegbusi 22. Late. Mr. (now Chief) Peter Ajibola 23. Now Chief: E.O. Ogunmesa – Secretary The committee held its first meeting on Wednesday 6th, January 1982, it has since been holding its statutory meeting once a month in accordance with the provisions of the constitution of Ibadan Diocese operative in Osun Diocese. From its inception up to 3rd August 1987 when Osun Diocese came into existence, emergency meetings were held as occasions demanded. The committee has been responsible for the day to day running and financial administration of the church. The church has now attained a Parish status, the seat of Osogbo D.C.C. and Archdeaconry. When the church attained the Parish Status, the committee became the Parish Church Council and members are elected during the vestry meeting held in February every year. As a Parish Church, the church qualified to have the following offices as provided by the constitution of Ibadan Diocese. i The Vicar as Chairman ii A Secretary iii Peoples’ warden and iv Pastor’s warden The Officers of the Church Council since 1982 were as follows: Chairman:- Ven. J.M. Ogundele was the first supervising Vicar and Chairman (6th December 1981 – 31st January 1984), followed by Late Ven. P.O. Omotara (1st February 1984 – 18th July 1984). Subsequently the Resident Vicars have been chairmen in succession. ii Secretary:- Mr. E.O. 0 gunnies a was the first church council secretary and “fie held the office effectively for fourteen years (14 years), January 1982 – January 1996; Mr. J.A. Agboola February 1996 January 1997 Mr. J.Y. Olasunkarimi February 1997 to date. Peoples’ warden:- Mr. LA. Oyeyemi from All Saints’ 1982 January to December 1982; Mr. (now Rev. Canon) S.A. Adeyemo June 1983 to December 1990; Mr. (now Dr.) S.O. Ladipo February 1991 to January 1997; Mr. J.T. Oyedokun February 1997 to Feb. 2004. iv Pastor’s Warden:- Mr. S.O. Obatebo January 1982 to January 1983 (from All Saints’); Mr. (now Ven.) S.C.O.lyiola February 1983 to December. 1990; Mr, A.O. Ilori; February 1991 to January 1997; Mr. J.Y. Olasunkanmi. February 1997 to date Societies Within the first quarter of 1982, members of the church constituted themselves into nine viable societies, which were inaugurated at various times during the year as follows: Society Date of Inauguration 1 Christ Torch Bearers 13th June 1982: 2 Young men Christian Association 29th August 1982 3. Christ Morning Star 5th September 1982 4. Youth Christian Association 19th September 1982 5. Anglican Youth Fellowship 26th September 1982 6. Itesiwaju 3rd October 1982 7. Ladies Christian Fellowship 10th October 1982 8. Young Women Christian Association 24th October 1982 9. Imole 31stOctoberl982 As a result of the creation of Osun State in 1991 and the in flocks of civil servants and teachers from Oyo State, two other societies were inaugurated in 1992 and 1993 respectively. They are: Ayanfe Kristi on 8th November 1992 and the Resurrection Lilies on September 19, 1993. Church Hall / Vicarage Although the church had not yet had a resident vicar, the idea of building a vicarage came about as a result of circumstances. Initially the church committee wanted to build a toilet for people coming to worship. While this was being discussed, the problem of where our children who were increasing in number would hold their service cropped up. At first they were using a classroom in Osogbo Grammar School. Later they moved to the dining hall of the school. The church committee began to think of building a hall for the children and since the church land is rather small to accommodate a separate hall, a toilet and a vicarage, the idea came up that a hall could be designed in such a way that its top would be decked and as a vicarage. The idea was accepted and accordingly a Building Committee to work on the project was set up under the chairmanship of late Chief A. A. Ibikunle. Other members of the committee were Mr. Z.O. Oni, Chief T.O. Oyebade, Chief J.A. Okunola, Mrs. Titi Kolade, Mr. (now Chief) S.O. Oguntunde with Mr. E.O. Ogunmesa as Secretary. The committee set to work and the foundation of the church Hall/Vicarage was laid on 31st September 1983. The building was completed within a record time with the result that the first resident Vicar, the late Rev. F. A. Adesipe and his newly married wife moved into the vicarage on 1st December 1984. The building was formally dedicated in May 1985 by then Archbishop and the Lord Bishop of Ibadan Diocese the Most Rev. T.O. Olufosoye. As at now, the building is in good state of repair. The New Church Building By the end of 1985, the member of the congregation had increased so much that the existing church could not accommodate them. The RC.C. therefore deliberated on whether to extend the existing church or start building a new one. In the end it was decided that a new church should be built. On 11th February 1990 the foundation of the new church was laid by the Lord Bishop of Osun Diocese, the Rt. Rev. S.O. Fagbemi B.A. Hons; Dip; Th. The church building has been completed with the state of the art Furnishing; it is expected to accommodate about one thousand worshippers. The church was dedicated by The Diocesan Rt. Rev. J. A. Popoola on November 11,2006. Spiritual Development Prayer is intensified in the church. Morning Prayer is conducted every morning at 6.00am. Prayer requests are sent to the church services by members who also give testimonies that the prayers said in the church are answered. Class meeting are conducted for those preparing for baptism, confirmation and for communicants. Sunday schools are held every Sunday morning at 9.00am. for adult members of the church. Martins in English is at 8-9am. every Sunday. Mattins in Yoruba is at 10.00am. While the adult hold their service in the church, the children hold their own in the children’s hall. Members volunteered themselves as Sunday school teachers for adult, children’s Service teachers, sidesmen and ladies, lay Readers, Choristers, Ambassadors for Christ etc. At present, the church has 12 children Sunday School Teachers, 10 adult Sunday school Teachers, and 5 lay Readers. The church was licensed for marriage in 1986 and the first couples to be joined together were Mr. & Mrs. Emmanuel Olaosebikan on Saturday 2nd May 1987. It achieved Parish Status the same year, that is 1986. It became the seat of Osogbo District Church Council on 30th July 1989 and the seat of Osogbo Archeaconry on 19th Sept 1990. Early in the year 1990, Ebe Lord Bishop of Osun Diocese Rt. Rev. S.O. Fagbemi – B.A. Hons. Dip, Th. selected five members of the church namely: Messrs: S.A. Adeyemo. S.C.O. Iyiola, F.O. Adeniyi, S.S. Saba and G.A. Olawoye for ordination. They, with other men selected from other churches in Osun Diocese were given special training. They were ordained as Deacons at All Saints’ Cathedral, Osogbo on 16th December 1990. happily they were ordained as full priests at All Souls’ Church on 15th December, 1991. The first baptismal service was held on 23rd October 1982. It was administered by Ven. J.M. Ogundele and seventy-six (76) members (adults and children) were baptized. The first confirmation service in the church was performed by the Lord Bishop of Osun Diocese. The Rt. Rev. S.O. Fagbemi (B.A. Hons. Dip. Th.) on 12th June 1998 when 37 members were confirmed. Many have married and transfered to other places. Children Service Children Service was introduced in January 1982. Mrs. F.G. Oguntunde was the leader of the children’s service teachers then. The children service has now expanded with about 250 children and about 12 teachers, namely: Mrs. J.T Olasunkanmi, Mrs. L.O. Dairo, and Mrs. Adegoke, Mrs. Bola Ayeni, Mrs. Awotunde. Mrs. Adenugba, Mrs. E.O. Oyedokun, Mrs. Agboola & Mrs. F.G. Oguntunde now serves more in the adult side’s lady. Many of the children that passed through the children service had gained admission into Universities and Polytechnics while some are still in the Secondary Schools. The children had won many prizes during Bible Quiz competition e.g. they won the shield for Osogbo Archdeaconry Bible Quiz Competition for the past four consecutive years. Cemetery The church has no cemetery of its own. Contribution Many individuals, Families, corporate entities e.g. societies etc. contributed to the face development and growth of the church in form of donations, both cash and kind. For instance all the materials used to build the church hall/vicarage were donated by individual members of the church. The Church was painted in 1982 by an anonymous donor. The electrification with ceiling fans was done by another donor, from All Saints’ Church, who also wished to remain anonymous. During the inauguration of Societies in 1982, societies made various donations in cash and kind e.g. Hymn Books, the first set of choir robes, choir wardrobes, reading desks and chairs and other items were donated by societies. The late Baba Ijo Chief A. A. Ibikunle willed a house to the church. The marble lectern, Reading desks and chairs, Pulpit, Baptismal font, Standing fans as well as other items are donated by church members during one ceremony or the other. Church Workers The history of this church will not be complete without mentioning those whom the Lord appointed to serve as shepherds to lead His flocks. Mr. (now Chief) S.O. Oguntunde (6th Dec. 1981 – 18th July 1984). One cannot write the history of All Souls’ Church without writing about Chief S.O. Oguntunde. When the church was founded, Ven. J.M. Ogundele who was the supervising vicar was also the Vicar of All Saints’ Church, the chairman of Osogbo D.C.C. and the Archdeacon of Ospgbo Archdeaconry. There was therefore the need to have somebody to be directly in charge of the church, which was too young to have a resident Vicar. Consequently Mr. (now Chief) S.O. Oguntunde volunteered himself as the Church Leader in charge of the church. He arranged and led Sunday Services. He was responsible for the day to day running of the church under the supervision of Ven. J.M.O. Ogundele and later the Late Ven. P.O. Omotara until the church had its first resident vicar in person of the late Rev. F.A. Adesipe on 19th July 1984. When the resident vicars came in succession he continued to assist them with the conduct of services. All the Clergymen mentioned below came and left but Chief S.O. Oguntunde is with us all the time and he is the link between the past and the present. Furthermore, he takes very active part in the life of the church. Apart from being a member of the P.C.C., he is currently the Chairman of Asset Committee and member of other committees in the church. The late Ven. P.O. Omotara appointed him a Licensed Lay Reader on 25th January 1987. Others who assisted with the conduct of services were Messrs LA. Ojo, A.O. Eluyode, LA. Falase, S.C.O. Iyiola and the Late P.A. Oyedotun. Some of these assistants are still assisting while others have retired and gone back to their home towns. Two other people joined the crew of Lay Readers. They are Mrs. Akinlabi T.O. and Mrs. B.B. Ogunrinola. Mr. (Now Chief) S.O. Oguntunde was appointed a Diocesan Lay Reader by the retired Lord Bishop of Osun Diocese ,the Rt. Rev. S.O. Fagbemi on Sunday 27th June 99 at St. Philip’s Church Otan Ayegbaju: To the glory of God ief S.O. Oguntunde was elected and installed the Baba Ijo All Souls’ Church, Osogbo on Saturday 19th May, 2001 after the death of the Baba Ijo on Saturday 1st February 1997. Ven. J.M. Ogundele (6th December 1981 – 31st January 1984): Since the church was the baby of All Saints’ Church, Osogbo, Ven. J.M.O. Ogundele who was the Vicar of the church (All Saints’) and the one who championed the foundation of All Souls’ Church, automatically became the first supervising Vicar and the chairman of the church council. The solid foundation of the church was firmly laid during his time. His contributions to the development of the church were the establishment of the church council, foundation and launching of societies, painting, electrification, furnishing and dedication of the first church and the laying of the foundation of the church hall/vicarage. The Late Ven. P.O. Omotara came after Ven. J.M.O. Ogundele had been transferred to St. David’s Church Kudeti, Ibadan. Ven. P.O. Omotara succeeded him as the Vicar of All Saints’ Church and the Archdeacon of Osogbo Archdeaconry. He also took over the administration of All Souls’ Church from where Ven. J.M.O. Ogundele stopped. His main contribution was that he was the one who got the Lord Bishop of Ibadan Diocese to appoint the first resident Vicar in person of the late Rev. F. A. Adesipe for the church. After the latter had taken over from him, he continued to supervise the church as the chairman of Osogbo D.C.C. and the Archdeacon of Osogbo Archdeaconry until his retirement from the church ministry in December, 1989. The Late Rev. F.A. Adesipe (19th July 1984 – 14th July 1986) was the first resident Vicar of the church. He was transferred from All Saints’ Church Osogbo where he had been serving as a Curate. The Women’s Guild, the Mothers’ Union and the Girls’ Guild became firmly established and well organized since his time. It was also during his tenure of office that a set of drums was bought for the Boys’ Brigade and the group was registered as the 9th Osogbo Company. The church was licensed for marriage during his period of service in the church. He left this church on transfer to Bishop Oyebode Memorial church, Agugu, Ibadan on 15th July 1986. Rev. J.A. Kehinde (15th July 1986 – 11th January 1987): Although his tenure of office was very short, he did his best to consolidate the work of his predecessors. He was the one who introduced the practice whereby all children born in the church during each year are made juvenile harvest Chairman for the year and birthday thanksgiving. To encourage members to read the Bible, he introduced periodic Bible Quiz Competition among societies on the passage studied during the Sunday morning Bible Class. Before he had time to settle down, he was transferred to All Saints’ Church, Osogbo. Ven. J.A. Fayomi (12th January 1987 – 10th August 1997): He was transferred to this church from St. Stephen’s Church, Iwo. He assumed duty on January 12, 1987. The church has continued to make progress under him. Some of the achievement recorded during his tenure of office include: i Lauching of the Ambassadors for Christ, the spiritual singers with modern musical instruments, ii The church became the seat of Osogbo District Church Council on 30th July, 1989. iii. He himself was appointed a statutory canon of the Cathedral Church of All Saints’ Osogbo and installed as the Chairman Of the O.D.C.C. iv. The church also became the seat of Osogbo Archdeaconry. He was collated as the Archdeacon at a very colourful and impressive service in the church on 9th September 1990. v The replacement of the old building with the new ultra modern church started with him vi Ten members of the church were appointed Chiefs and installed. vii Five members of this church mentioned earlier in this write-up were ordained as Deacons during the Advent ordination at All Saints’ Cathedral, Osogbo on December 16,1990 and were priested the following year. viii A new set of robes was bought for the choir. He was transferred to St. Philip’s Church, Otan Ayegbaju on 10th August 1997. g. Rev. (now Canon) P. F. Ojo. He was one of those ordained as a Deacon at All Saints’ Church in December 1990, and priested in this church in 1991. He was later posted to this church to assist the vicar on part-time basis. h. Rev. (now Canon) E.A. Oloniniran was trained for priesthood at the Vining College of Theology Akure. He was posted to Osun Diocese after finishing his course and assumed duty on 15th July 91. Ordained at All Saints’ Cathedral, Osogbo as a Deacon in June 1991 and posted to this church as a Curate to assist the Vicar. Rev. Isijola and Rev. M.O. Aina also worked under Ven. J. A. Fayomi as Curates in succession. The late Ven. LA. Awofadeji (11th Aug. 1997 – 29th December 1998). The late Ven. I. A. Awofadeji was transferred to this church on 11th August 1997, from St. Andrew’s Church and he worked very hard during his tenure of office. It was during his time that the following achievements were recorded: i On September 9, 1997, work started on the construction of the two offices on top of the chancel, ii On October 10th, 1997, ceiling of the offices at the top of the main entrance and the two offices at the top of the chancel was done, iii The shop for Vicar’s wife, which started on 25th September, 1997, was dedicated on 15th November 1997. iv The Sexton’s house which was started on 25th October, 1997, was completed on 20th December 1997. v On the 20th December 1997 the church choir came first in the singing competition held during the biennial All Anglican Congress at Ejigbo. vi. The first Sexton had to leave because of the embarrassment the church had suffered from the sexton’s landlord before then, vii On 25/01/98 the 1st Phase of electrical wiring started, viii The plastering of the new church, which started on 3rd May 1998, was completed on October, 5 1998. ix The terrazzo work of the church started in October 1998 during tenure of the late Ven. LA. Awofadeji was on by the time he left. The urinary beside the church was built. xii He started the conduct of evensong by societies to encourage people to come to evening service. The late Ven. LA. Awofadeji retired from active church ministry and left this church for his home town, Ile-Ife on 29th December, 1998. j Rev. Engr. I.O. Ogunrinde. He was given a special training by the Diocese of Osun. He was ordained as a Deacon on 28th June 1998 at All Saints. Cathedral, Osogbo by the Rt. Rev. S.O. Fagbemi B.A. Hons. Dip. Th. and was retained in this church as a curate. He assisted the Vicar with the conduct of service until he was transferred to Taraba State by the Federal Government on 15th December, 1998. k Rev. D. A. Balogun (15th July 1998 – 2003): He was posted here as a Curate on 15th July 1998. He has since been doing his work diligently as directed by the Vicar. Ven. O. O. Omoniyi (29th December 1998 – 2003): He was transferred to this church on 29th December 1998 as the Vicar, the chairman of Osogbo D. C. C. and the Archdeacon of Osogbo archdeaconry. Immediately he assumed duty, he continued the building project from where his predecessors stopped and progress is made during his time. i. He completed the terrazzo work, which was started on November 24, 1998 on 16th December 1999. Fixing of aluminium windows in the church building started on 26th June 2000 and was completed on 31st August 2000. iii. A generating plant donated by the church Chiefs was purchased during his tenure of office. iv. The railing of the staircases both inside and outside the church as well as that of the gallery were also completed. An ultra-modern 3-manual Pipe Organ was purchased at a cost of N4 million. Another important achievement made by him was the election on 22nd November 2000, of three prominent members of the congregation as church chiefs to fill the posts of Baba Ijo, lya Egbe Aya Bisobu and Otun Iyalode Ijo respectively. They are Chief S.O. Oguntunde, Chief (Mrs) J.A. Ogunmesa and Chief (Mrs) M.O. Adekanola. These church Chiefs were installed on 19th May 2001. Ven.Dayo Ojo: i. The vicarage was given a face lift. ii. Channelization of rain droppings was made with concrete. iii. The following committees were set up: Beautification, Medical, Visitation, Evangelism, Publication, and Marriage Committee, iv. A new electrical equipment – Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) was bought at a cost of N300, 000.00. v. A computer set costing N140, 000.00 was donated by a church member, vi. The old musical instruments and electronic equipments of the Ambassadors for Christ were replaced with new ones, vii. The ceiling and electrification of the church costing N5.4 million were completed, viii. The interior and exterior of the church have been painted, ix. An imposing frontage structure of the towers was built to give a new look to make the whole building look like a church. x. A third set of robes was bought for the Choir, xi. New pews are being made for the church, xii. Lamps were installed in the Choir stall, xiii. Four Violins, a trombone and a Trumpet were bought for the Choir to accompany the organ when singing during services in the Church. xiv. The ceiling of the church chancel was made with P. 0. P of contemporary situation which was donated by a member, xv. A standard street light of eight stands was erected, xvi. The premises of the church was concretised with interlocking tiles, xvii. A Projector for hymns, order of Holy Communion and other sermons and for outreaches was donated by a member, xviii. The Choir of the church released their first Album of “Yoruba Hymns of Praise”. xix. The new church building was completed and dedicated on November 11, 2006 in a solemn service by Rt. Rev. J. A. Popoola, the Diocesan Bishop. Organists: since the inception of the church in 1981, Mr. E. O. Ogunmesa has been the organist. Two other people assisted him, they are: Messrs J.A. Olawuyi who went on transfer and J. O. Makinwa, who is still assisting him. Many Sextons had worked in the church before now but the present one is Mr. Adewumi Adekunle who has been the sexton since 15th July 1999 to date. Church Officers a. Vergers: Mr. S.F. Olanrewaju was the first verger from January 1982 – January 1991. Mr. J. Y. Olasunkanmi became the verger in February 1993 – January 1997 and in February 1993 he was appointed the Pastor’s Warden. Mr. I.O. Kehinde was appointed second verger from February 1993 to date. b Church Chiefs i Baba Ijo a Chief A. A. Ibikunle (Late) (30th May, 1993 to January 31,1997) b Chief. O.Oguntunde (19th May 2001 to Date) ii Iya Ijo Chief (Mrs.) M. O. Olatunbosun (30th May 1993 to Date) iii Balogun Ijo Chief (Dr.) T. O. Fadahunsi (30th May 1993 to Date) iv Otun Balogun Ijo Chief Afolabi Abikoye (30th May 1993 to Date) v Maiyegun Okunrin Chief J. A. Okunola (30th May 1993 to Date) vi Majeobaje Okunrin Chief (Dr.) Femi Oladimeji (30th May 1993 to Date) vii Iyalode Ijo Chief (Mrs.) E. M. Oladipo (30th May 1993 to Date) viii Majeobaje Obinrin Chief (Mrs.) R.Ike Alii (30th May 1993 to Date) Maiyegun Obinrin Mrs.) O. O. Ogunsi (30thMay, 1993 to date) Iya Egbe Aya Bisobu Chief (Mrs.) A. Adewale (30th May, 1993 to 22nd Oct. 1999) Chief (Mrs.) J. A. Ogunmesa (19th May, 2001 to date) Otun Iyalode Ijo Chief (Mrs.) M. O. Adekanola (19th May, 2001 to date) Other officers of the church Secretary Mr. E. O. Ogunmesa (Jan. 1982 – Jan. 1996) Mr. J. A. Agboola (Feb. 1996 – Jan. 1997) Mr. J. Y. Olasunkanmi (Feb. 1997 to date) Mr. E. O. Ogunmesa was assisted by Mr. A. O. Dairo, Mr. J. A. Agboola was also assisted by Mr. J.Y Olasunkanmi while Mr. J. Y Olasunkanmi was assisted by Dr. Bukoye Arowolo (Feb. 1997 – Jan. 2000) Mrs. A. O. Kolawole (Feb. 2000 to date). Other Information The church has been growing both physically and spiritually. It has some other churches namely Our Saviors Anglican Church, Gbongan, Road, Osogbo; Luke’s Church Isopako, Osogbo; Emmanuel Anglican Church Dada Estate, Osogbo Christ Church Agunbelewo, Osogbo. St. Barnabas Church, Ataoja’s Estate, Osogbo. St. Matthias Church, Adam’s Estate, Osogbo. Holy Trinity Church, Osogbo. Anglican Church, Federal Housing Estate, Osogbo